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About Us

Our mission is to give you more time outside with your kids, regardless of the weather!

In 2003 our Founder, Lisa Will, was hiking with her infant son in her backpack carrier and became frustrated when his slippers kept falling off, his pant leg rode up, and his calves became cold.  She looked around for a solution and couldn’t find it.  Knowing there was a need in the market she recognized a solution for a baby bootie that would protect baby’s feet and calves and would stay on!

The Stonz Bootie was launched in 2004 and was received enthusiastically by parents that love spending time outdoors with their kids!



Stonz began producing Infant Booties from Lisa’s house in 2004, with the first pairs hitting the market in Fall at a Vancouver tradeshow. Stonz was definitely filling a market need for warm baby footwear that stayed on while outdoors.

Based on customer feedback, in 2009 we introduced warm fleece Linerz to layer inside the Booties as well as easy-on, extra warm Mittz designed to stay on wriggly little hands.


Did you know our unique design for Infant Mittz doesn’t have thumbs? Because babies don’t need to use their thumbs in the cold!


As our loyal base of customers grew, so did the demand for more products. In 2012, we introduced Rain Bootz made from flexible, natural rubber.


Next, came extremely lightweight Winter Bootz for easy trekking through the snow so kids can play outside longer.

They are rated up to -30/-28F (Scout models) and -50C/-58F (Trek models) so they will keep kids' feet warm even in extreme conditions!

051 on snow crop.jpg

In 2016, we created an updated version of our Booties, based on customer requests. Parents wanted a more durable sole for their toddlers. They also wanted to keep their toddlers in flexible soles, which are recommended for developing feet. So, we created our Toddler Booties with durable,recyclable, waterproof (yet flexible) soles!


Our product development follows the same guiding principle from the start: innovation with a purpose. We make functional, good quality, hereditary pieces that can be passed down from sibling to sibling.

We continue to innovate with new product offerings …all based on your feedback and always solving a parent’s challenge of how to be outside longer, playing happily, with our kids.

We are a proud Canadian company, based in Vancouver, BC. Our products are now sold in over 500 stores and in over 16 countries!

Browse our online store, be social with us on Facebook or drop us a line with feedback or comments. We love hearing from you!