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Care instructions

Our products are all designed to be easy to care for - ideal for busy parents and active kids!



  • Machine wash on delicate setting with like colours
  • Wash Booties inside out
  • Dry in low to medium setting (DO NOT dry on high setting)
  • Dry Booties inside out


  • Machine wash and dry with like colours
  • Wash on delicate setting
  • Wash Mittz inside out


Linerz & Hatz

  • Machine wash and dry with like colours

Rain Bootz

  • Hand wash with warm soapy water
  • When not in use, store them somewhere cool, dry and out of direct sunlight
  • Keep them off heated floors
  • If exposed to road salt, rinse with warm water

Winter Bootz

  • Due to the Radiantex technology, the Winter Bootz are not machine washable
  • Remove lining and air dry